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leather smiths

#1 .DO I need to send you my seat pan? or do you supply seat pans?
If you have a factory seat pan for Harley Davidson or otherwise you'll need to either send me the pan to work from or as a lot of people do find one cheap on Ebay and have it shipped here. You'll save money and be able to keep your seat to ride while I work on the one you sent... I do supply bobber style pans in a few diff styles and shapes, some of them are on my site to view, but I can always either alter or come up with a fresh shape for your personal pan.

#2. Do you recover Upholstery style seats?
Yes, I'll recover any style make or model seat in high quality leathers , using only the finest available in your choice of colors. Patterns, stitch, Piping thickness and color can all be discussed at the time of the project.

#3 .What about artwork? DO I need to send you the art?
If you have artwork you would like to use by all means send it over with your quote request. if you don't have artwork to use...no worries, just send over your ideas as far as images, style and feel and I'll mix em all up and come up with a sketch for you. 99% of the work on my site was all done by me with ideas shot over by customers. I do however do all of my art with a pencil, by hand, I don't use computer software to create my artwork. For two reasons, one being you can't get feel out of a computer, it's just not possible. Having a human being draw the artwork for you assures you're getting real artwork, with soul and depth. Second, if I can do it with a computer, so can anyone else.. This means no matter what, you will be getting a true one off piece that will never be seen anywhere else on the planet...

#4. What's the best way to contact you?
Email for sure, since im a solo act and work constantly its tough for me to get on the phone a lot during the day since it cuts down on the hours I can spend working. I do my best to answer emails every night . Usually around 6-7 Pm EST, but, at times when Im super slammed with work it may take me a day or two to answer you. I will ALWAYS answer emails, sometimes right away, sometimes in a day or two. If you don't receive a reply please FWD your email to me. Usually if an email gets sent to the "Spam" folder , putting a FWD in front of the subject will get it through. If that fails also please call and leave a message and I will call you back...

#5 . What is your turn around time?
Turn around is usually between 3-4 weeks for Upholstery work, 4-5 weeks for Tooling work, 6-8 weeks for larger than normal tooling work Like large 2 up factory seats or 2 ups that are tooled along the sides as well, 1-2 Months for furniture and automotive work.

#6 Do you require a deposit?
Yes, I require a deposit on all projects before any artwork or patterning is started, deposit will be dictated by the total amount of the project. Balance is then due once your project is finished and you receive Pictures via email. I accept Paypal, Credit cards through My Paypal Page, Money Orders and Checks as well.. I cant accept Money Orders from any Country outside the USA.. The Banks will not accept them anymore... Sorry ...

#7 Can you supply me with references? People who can vouch for your work and professionalism?
Yes, if you would like I can send you a list of people that you can contact.

#8 Dude, I don't see work for any famous people on your site? What gives?
I have done work for quite a few famous people/Builders in the past and in the present, but I don't believe in name dropping to gain momentum in the Leather world. I'd rather let my work speak for itself and bring people to my site that way. I believe its more a honest and humble way of doing business.

#9 Do you stand behind your work?
100% I stand behind my work for as long as you own it. If anything happens to your piece don't hesitate to call, send pictures for me to see, or box it up and send it to me. I also offer a once a year cleaning/reconditioning service all you have to do is pay shipping...

#10 Can I make an appointment to come see you and discuss my project?
Absolutely , as long as you live in the NY/Long Island area and don't mind the ride/drive. Please call at least a week ahead and we'll set up a day and time to sit and chew the fat a bit...

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